Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Better at blogging

I really have not been very good at this lately, have I?! But life has been hectic to say the least. But actually now that I think about it there isn't really that much to be said about some of the things that happened lately.

I can't believe that Shaun has been back for almost a month. He is now properly back at work and the guys are busy, busy, busy. The battalion is going to be deployed to Afghanistan next year and they are all very busy with all the training and planning. And I think about that deployment a lot - I am really worried and scared. He's been out there couple of years ago but it seemed different then. That was before one of our friends got killed and another one wounded. Now to me it just seems so much more serious. But I am really really proud of him. He has taken over a command of a huge company and I am sure he will do well.

We have finally got our house last week but have not moved in yet. Our furniture comes out of storage this week and I can't wait to see it. :)))) Although I am worried how some of it will fit through the doors. Ugh. What was I thinking buying all that chunky stuff!!! And our stuff from the US has not arrived yet. This moving thing is really complicated. But it will all be nice once we are settled in. Our neighbours seem nice and the house is in a great location - at a top of a hill but less than a mile away from the beach. Ideal for hill repeats :(((

Anyway, enough of my rumblings. I will save some news for the next time.

Monday, 3 August 2009

In the same country and other random things

So, Shaun finally arrived last Friday - can you guys believe that we now live in the same country :)))) We had an awesome weekend. On Saturday I managed to get up real early and get my ride out of the way so I could spend time with my husband (that sounds nice, doesn't it). By the time I got back and he got out of bed - jet lag :(( it was time for lunch. We went to a nearby amazing Japanese restaurant with our friend Marina and had great lunch. Marina and I go there a lot and every time we go we like to people-watch and make up stories about their lives. On Saturday we even introduced Shaun to this game and in no time he made up a story about a couple with four kids sitting at one of the nearby tables. After lunch Shaun and I went for a nice walk along High Street Kensington and to Whole Foods. Yay!!!

On Sunday we went to watch the London triathlon. The weather was great and we of course spent a lot of money at the expo. I hope to do this race next year - it just seems like so much fun and really well organised. On the way back home we stopped at Wagamamas near Tower Bridge for lunch. And then a quick visit to my office to pick up some stuff. I found it so funny how Shaun thought we all had messy offices (apparently I am not too bad, and my boss is the worst :)))

So it was a great weekend and we are loving spending time together.

On a slightly different note, we have rejoined our local triathlon club Deal Tri in Kent - where we used to live and where we will have an army house hopefully some time this month. We love this club and have really missed all the fun we had with them prior to leaving for the US. So I am already joining one group who is taking the ferry over to France on Wednesday for a nice day of riding in France (and eating great French food). I have taken a day off work and can't wait. It's an early start but it is so worth it.

I have also signed up for a half-ironish race called the Little Woody at the end of the month. The "ish" bit is because the bike is 60 rather than 56 miles but it should all be great training and I can't wait to race again.

OK, that's is all for now. Better get back to doing some work. Have a great week.