Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January update

I know, it's again been a month since the last update but I am blaming it on holidays.

We've had lovely Christmas holidays. Both Shaun and I were off work for 10 days or so and it was just nice to get away from the office. Charisa came to visit and we've popped over across the English Channel to France and Belgium. If you want to see photos and updates on that trip have a look at Charisa's blog. Then we went to Wales for few days where we rang the New Year in. Shaun and Charisa raced the New Year's Eve 5 km race which looked really fun. They also went and did few rides out in the rainy windy weather and I was really jealous that I could not go out with them. Actually, frankly, my hormones took over and I was in tears couple of times because I also wanted to go out ride.

On Christmas Day Shaun and I did the local 5 km parkrun race and I was running quite well - still at that point (20 weeks) managing sub-9 minute miles. But then I didn't run after that for over two weeks. I kind of didn't feel like it. It was cold. I feel heavy and I feel like my belly is now getting in the way. But I finally went out last Sunday for 2.5 miles and I felt better. It is obvious that I am getting quite fit and the lack on consistent running is showing but I will try and do some more running over the coming weeks. As long as I am able to. But the dark cold mornings and evenings are really not helping.

In the baby news, we had our 20 week scan just before Christmas. Everything looked fine and the baby was healthy and we also found out we were having a BOY!!!!! We are both over the moon about it. The baby is moving a lot more now and I can feel him a lot in the mornings and evenings, although he does move during the day too. We think it's an athlete in making ;))) I am 24 weeks today and time is slowly ticking along. Although at this point I would quite like to be over and done with this. But we have to wait another 16 weeks.

Last weekend we finally did some work on the nursery and it is looking nice. Unfortunately, the baby will only be in that house for 3 months or so because Shaun is due to get another posting. Actually we should have the posting confirmed tomorrow so it will be nice to be able to plan. There are only two options for this posting so we think we know where we are going next, but it will be nice to get it down on the paper too. We think we are going somewhere where there is LOTS of sunshine (that kind of rules UK out, right).