Tuesday, 29 September 2009


So last Sunday saw me running my first stand-alone half-marathon race in over two and a half years. It was painful, it was slow, but I loved every minute of it.

I knew it would hurt because I have hardly done any running races in quite some time and I have completely lost any speed I had. For some of you is not that much of a speed but for me it was a lot.

The race was on Sunday morning but I had to go to another one of Shaun's work functions on Saturday night. This one was three-line-whip and there was no way I could get out of it. I guess with being a company commander's wife come a lot of obligations, something I do not really enjoy. I keep being told these last couple of weeks by some young officers in the battalion that I am definitely not a typical army wife which I love. Some of them even use me as an example to their girlfriends which I find quite funny. But anyway, I digress. The party started at 5:30 pm and we were back home around 2:30 am. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I actually knew it would last this long so I was kind of mentally prepared for it, and needless to say I was totally knackered in the morning. The guys at the party (and their wives) thought I was totally mad.

Shaun had to do some other work breakfast thingy on Sunday so he couldn't run with me which was a shame as I am sure he would have loved the race. It was an absolutely beautiful and very hot day. The run starts couple of miles from our house on top of some cliffs in the town centre and quickly drops down to the sea. The next 9-10 miles are out and back along the sea and the view is beautiful.

For me this was a great race because I got to wear my Deal Tri club kit the first time in over two years. I love our club and am very proud to wear its colours.

There was around 12-13 of us from the club running and I was one of two girls. It was so lovely to see everyone again and to catch up on what's been happening in the past two years. And because it was an out and back course I got to see everyone. It was just lovely to see my fast club mates running in the opposite direction waving and high-fiving. It has so reminded me of all the fun I had with them and I was totally fired up to go as quickly as I could for the club.

Unfortunately my "as quick as I can" was my slowest ever half-marathon time by a mile but I knew I had lost speed. Going into the race I just wanted to do my best (considering I was sleep-deprived) and to see where I am at so that I can work at it over the winter. Finishing the race was great as there were lots of people spectating and a lots of cheers from my club mates. I am totally fired up to do another race really soon - I loved every minute of this one.

Once the race was done it was time to enjoy the rest of the Sunday. After an ice bath and quick shower Shaun and I met up with some fellow officers in one of the local bar restaurants on the beach having lovely food and just chatting. I think we were there for 4-5 hours. It was a perfect way to finish the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

All work no play

Life has been a bit hectic recently and not in a good way. I have been really busy at work recently and felt pretty exhausted for most of the time. Last weekend I did no training - just work, work, work!!! Ugh!!!!

So having missed few big training weekends I felt a total lack of confidence as far as racing Silverman is concerned and today I have made the decision - No Silverman for me this year. It has been very very hard for me to make that decision. I LOVE that race and Shaun and I have great memories from last year's race. But I owed it to myself to have a bit of talking to myself and assessing the situation and the decision has been made. That course is just too difficult and too hilly to be able to do it with no decent training done. And I feel like I haven't been training consistently and so I am not ready. I really thought that when I actually make a decision I would feel much better about it but I don't. I guess it will take few days to sink in. :(((

Anyway, the decision has been made and life goes on. On a more positive side I am off to Club La Santa in Lanzarote in couple of weeks time. Club La Santa is one of the most popular sport resorts in Europe so it should be really good fun. There is a few of us going from the local triathlon club but I am the only "girl" so riding with the boys will be hmmm, interesting.

Oh and before I forget I am running a half-marathon this weekend so wish me good luck. I will need it.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I forgot

It appears over the last two years I forgot how to be an army wife.... How do I know this??? Read on...

We have, over the last couple of weeks, finally moved into our home in Folkestone, Kent. We got our furniture and all other possessions out of storage and opening all that stuff made us feel like kids at Christmas. I think we forgot what we had. It took us a good couple of weeks to finally open everything but we are there now. Well nearly... Our boxes from the US arrive on Thursday and that will be the final push to settle into our new home. And I cannot wait... I am absolutely exhausted.

Shaun has been really busy at work and we already had to attend three different events - a company party, the battalion family day and the dinner at the officers' mess.

The company party wasn't too bad and we were there only for couple of hours. I met some new faces but I knew a lot of the old ones.

The family day was a big event with some local guests. It was great to see some old faces which I haven't seen for years and also to meet some new ones. I met some new wives in the battalion as well as a lot of young officers. The things seem to have changed since the last time we were part of this unit - Shaun was a captain back then and we were part of the young, 'fun' crowd. Now that he is a major I really feel old. Ugh!!! The young officers speak to him in a different way because he commands some of them and the older one are just like that, older. Ooops!!

And finally the last Friday we had a dinner in the officers' mess. These dinners are very VERY formal. They start with a drink and few speeches and then go on to a five-course meal where you generally sit for 3-4 hours, enjoy your dinner and listen to some pipes and drums. Once the more senior people leave the real party begins. I was never really a great fun of these dinners because you are pretty much stuck sitting next to same people for 4 hours and gosh, if they are boring, you are doomed. This time around the guy sitting next to me fell asleep. SERIOUSLY????? It must be my exciting conversation. Every now and then I would look at the end of the table where there was a fun crowd and send my distressing signals. If you've seen the film "Team America" you may guess what those signals were.

So I was sitting there and thinking that I am completely out of my whole groove. The wives were talking about the stuff that I knew nothing about and they were chatting with people with whom they were supposed to be chatting in order to be great army wives. I, on the other hand, didn't and just thought that I was really not cut out to be a perfect army wife. But I had fun chatting to one of the captains in Shaun's company whose wife is finding the whole army life rather scary. I told him my thoughts and experiences from when I was a newly-married young army wife as they were without trying to sound good or strong and he was really happy to see that there are other people who struggle in the beginning as well. I know that I certainly did.

Somehow Shaun and I ended up being the last married couple in the bar where there were now only young single officers.(Where are all my single girlfriends when you need them???) Apparently I get some great brownie points for being "the last chick at the bar". Yay!!!! (If only they knew how boring I am).

We ended up getting home at 4 am - I mean I haven't been out this late since I was in my early 20s. And the following day I definitely felt it. We are no longer young and fun crowd.