Monday, 5 December 2011

Guilty as charged

Well, it's been far too long since the last post. A lot has happened and not much has happened - it depends how you look at things. But I will keep this "come back" post short so perhaps some bullet points are in order:

- - At the beginning of September I did Ireland 70.3 and I loved it so much I think I will go back next year: The swim was shortened due to some strong winds and during that 750m swim in the seas I seriously thought I was going to die. The race was really well organised and the Irish now how to have fun. The best part of it though is that I got to spend some cool time with Charisa and her Mum, and also with Caroline and her lovely husband Mark. Charisa got 3rd overall and Caroline bagged her Vegas slot so I was surrounded by some kick-ass ladies.

- - Then I went back to work for few days before I got to spend some more time with Charisa. She was racing Challenge Henley and stayed with us for 10 days or so. We had lots of fun spectating at IM Wales and then I had fun cheering her on at Henley. I was lacking with my culinary skills though so for next visit I need to sharpen up a bit in the kitchen.

-- I've got a slot for London Marathon 2012 and I am very excited about it. It is very hard to get hold of one of those slots (unless you are super-fast, which I am not) so I am determined to train hard and do well in April.

-- I am loving living back in London again. It means I don't get to see hubby as much as I would like to but our lives are much easier. On the negative side, it seems that he will be deploying again very soon - we should know for certain this week.

-- Work has been crazy, crazy, crazy. I have never worked this hard and such long hours before. Even my boss told me that I have been putting in more hours than anyone else. I have been working on a really long and complicated transaction for over 6 months now and since mid-September my usual hours have been 9 am - midnight. Not fun. Naturally, training suffered - I was fighting to get any sleep. Luckily, it seems that we are nearly there with this transaction and today has been a first day in a very long time that I hope I would leave the office around 6 pm. Woohooo!!!

- - Can't believe it's less than three weeks until Christmas. I will be off work for about 10 days and I can't wait. There are a lot of parties going on at the moment as well - next week alone I have four parties/dinners in four days. Uh-oh/

Well, there you go - not much has really happened, at least recently. It will be nice to get some rest over Christmas holiday and re-group.