Thursday, 22 November 2012

16 weeks

16 weeks. I know, I know, this blog has every potential to turn into a maternity/baby blog. I promise I will try and do my best not to do that.

A lot more people know about it, especially at work. Although I kind of didn't really like how the news spread in the office. I really wanted to be the one telling people but there you go. I am feeling ok. Time is slowly ticking along and before we know it we will have our 20 week scan. We hope to find out the sex of the baby then. Hopefully, the little one will cooperate.

We had a lovely weekend at home in Wales. Our friend, whose husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan, came to visit with her two kids. One of them, my Goddaughter is very funny. She is 6.5 years old and says everything on her mind. It's funny because before they arrived Shaun and I were talking about what the world would be like if everyone was saying exactly what they thought rather than being polite. And then she turned up and we were both like "This is what the world would be like". On Sunday we climbed up Pen-y-fan, one of the higher peaks in Wales and very popular with hikers. It was a fun day out and at the beginning I was worried how I would cope but it turns out that when you are pregnant it is much easier climbing a mountain than going up two flights of stairs. Go figure.

I also went for a nice 3 mile run on Saturday and managed sub-10 minute mile pace. I was very pleased with that. Little things, eh.

The clothes is starting to get tight so I need to start buying few pieces here and there. I do not want to go overboard and definitely do not intend to spend a lot on maternity clothes but I do need to look ok for the office. So perhaps, this weekend I will pop over and do some shopping.

Not much else is going on. Work is thankfully not too busy at the moment and everyone is slowly starting to get into Christmas spirit. We have booked our litter continental break, with a visit to Belgium markets. Should be fun.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


OK, so it's time to get this blog up and running again. It has been far too long....

Not much has happened since the last time I blogged. Not much and ... everything. Some of you may have recently found out our exciting news - WE ARE PREGNANT!!! It came as a huge shock to me. I am not sure why because, although we weren't really trying, we were kind of letting it happen. And when it did, it was a huge shock for me. Maybe because we found out the week after I raced Ireland 70.3 which means that I raced half-ironman whilst pregnant... and ate a lot of sushi... and did/ate lots of things I shouldn't have. So I was kind of freaked out to begin with. But as the time went on I became happier and more excited about it. Could it be the hormones?!

I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and the baby Chandler is due in early May. The first trimester was hard. I felt tired and sick and nauseous ALL the time. Try hiding that whilst you work 10+ hours in the office every day. Whilst I really really wanted to work out I struggled to do very much because I was constantly tired and sick. I only managed to do some exercise over the weekends but nothing much. I have only started feeling better in the last couple of weeks so I am hoping the worst is over. I even went for a 5 mile run on Saturday and actually felt ok. My pace is still not too bad. I can run comfortably 10 minute miles but I am sure I will very soon start to slow down rapidly. I even managed to get in the pool last night for 1500 m. Since I haven't swum for 7-8 weeks (swimming DID NOT feel good at all) my arms were not happy with me last night. But I think that is more due to lack of fitness rather than pregnancy.

We really did not tell anyone the first 13 weeks. There were couple of people who knew (actually 4 in total) and funnily other than one, all of them are in the US. I guess the secret is kept easily if not in the same country :))) I was really paranoid about telling anyone and so we only told my parents at 13 weeks. Then it was my boss and then slowly we started letting more of our friends know. I didn't want for them to find the news out on Facebook - I really wanted to tell them in person. And it was so worth it - the surprise and joy on their faces were priceless.

I guess I am slowly starting to show a little bit but I am still at that phase where if people didn't know, they wouldn't ask because I may have just had one pie too many. I still haven't put any weight on which is nice but I also don't think I am eating too much. The whole 'this is your excuse to eat whatever you want' is really not rubbing very well on me.

So that's the news folks. I will try and keep this blog updated weekly so it is a diary of the pregnancy for when it is all over. I have already started plotting my come-back races. Not sure whether it's premature but it is nice to have a focus. I was planning on doing Pukhet 70.3 next year but then I found out last week that this year's race will be the last one. Boo!!!