Tuesday, 3 March 2009

All work no play!!

Often I read other people's blogs where they say that they haven't been blogging because they had nothing to say. And every time I think, oh no, that was quite an interesting post so of course you have stuff to say. Right now I am going to be one of those people - I really haven't been blogging recently for two reasons: first - I really have had nothing interesting to say, and second - work has been hectic so I didn't have much spare time (but somehow I always find time for facebook, interesting!!).

Work last week has been manic and I have spent Monday to Wednesday in the office pretty much until midnight. So I trained very, very little - managed to swim three days and also managed one run. Argh!!! I was just really really tired and couldn't find any time where I could squeeze a session in. On Thursday afternoon I caught a flight to NYC (yay!!!) but spent pretty much the whole flight working. But I got upgraded to first class (or "upper class" as Virgin call it) so at least I was working in luxury. The only problem with flying first class is that business and economy seem cr*p.

I dad a lovely long weekend over there. On Friday night there was Infantry Ball at West Point and Shaun and I went. We had lots of fun with friends and it made us realised that once he leaves the US and comes back to the UK this summer we will really really miss that place.

Here is a photo of two of us at the ball - I look really tired (AND jet lagged)

On Saturday we had West Point marathon team over for lunch which was really lovely. Last year Shaun was coaching girls' rugby team and even though they were nice girls I didn't really have much in common with them. This year, with the runners, it's completely different story and they were all really nice and funny. We were all planning to do 25km Boston Build-up race on Sunday in CT but the race was cancelled due to the weather and on Sunday morning I headed out on my own to do 2 hour run. Oh my God, it was freezing. I don't think I've ever felt that cold on a run. It took me forever to warm up afterwards.

After the run I had my breakfast and my lunch... and my snack... and Shaun just looked at me and said "You eat a lot". That was it, if he says so it must be true as he is the only one who usually says that I am silly when I complain about food/weight etc. So from today I am on a mission to eat better. And yes, less.... I will try but we will see.

Got back to the UK yesterday morning so it is back to the usual routine. Have a great week!!!


Maggs said...

You'll always have friends in the US you can visit.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Aaawwww - you two look so cute together! :) I'm always interested in uniforms - I guess because of Nathaniel. I'm so used to seeing the USMC dress blues (very spiffy) - but Shaun looks great! Great that you two could attend the ceremony together.

Yeah - I saw the weather... WOW on your run! 2 hours !! That's fantastic. Oh - and I get the, "You eat a lot..." all the time from people. And I don't always run 2 hours... :) Sounds like you guys had a great time - yeah for that!

Good luck with your work week. Hopefully it won't be quite so crazy as the last one.

jessithompson said...

Fun to check out your blog... guess I was one of those people with nothing to say, eh? I guess sometimes we're less inspired than others. I really enjoyed reading some of your past posts... you have a lot of great stories to tell. Fun to 'meet' you!

Charisa said...

Oh I remember the Boston Buildup races when we lived in CT! I love the pic of the two of you at the ball!