Friday, 18 December 2009

Heroes at play

When I got back home from work last night I got a call from Shaun asking me to pick him up from the Officers' Mess. He clearly had few drinks. They were hosting sargeants in the Mess that afternoon but by the time I got there most of them were gone. However, there were still a few officers around. And they were playing some games.

First I saw this.

You can just about see Shaun's feet there. Then they started playing some touch rugby, or what looked like it. (Note there are some swear words in the video). Have a look at Shaun in the front with Nick trying to lift him or something. Too funny.


It is incredible to think that all these young men will get deployed early next year to fight for our country but I LOVE the fact that they know how to play as well. Tonight is the Officers' Mess Xmas party. No doubt there will be lots of fun and games.


jessithompson said...

Great post... work hard, play hard.

Beth said...

Love it!! :) Have fun tonight!

Pedergraham said...

Hope the party is fun. We expect a full report. (Alright, all us girls just want to see those cute British officers in their dress uniforms.)

D said...

But why weren't you playing with them? Or am I the only idiot that gets involved with the boys when they're being crazy?

MM said...

I think O clubs are just about the same worldwide....or at least the craziness that takes place in them.

Charisa said...

That is awesome!

Mer! said...

Too funny!!!

So true...I always tell my husband (active duty Navy)...that many of them look so young...and they are---

Hope you had a great time at the party!!!