Friday, 25 March 2011


Last few weeks have been somewhat hard on me. Just as I started to get back into some training three weeks ago I was struck by very bad tonsillitis. I was on antibiotics for 10 days and felt quite ill. I cannot remember the last time I felt that sick. Needless to say no training was done. I was really annoyed with it. I didn't go to work for couple of days and I was fed up with daytime tv. I was not fun to be around. Finally after couple of weeks and finishing the course of antibiotics I started training again. And I have been trying to do as many scheduled workouts as I could but work picked up and I am so busy every day. It is very annoying because I see most progress and feel best about the sporting goals when I train consistently. My parents are in town for a week and whilst I took couple of days off work to spend with them, the rest of the time I had to work. I think they were shocked on Wednesday when they did not see me the whole day. I left home at 7 am and came back around 10.30 pm when they were already in bed and then carried on working at home until 2 am. I felt so bad for abandoning them like that but there was not much I could do. I don't think they knew before how busy and stressful my job can be and this was a real eye-opener for them.

The problem I have when I work a lot is my food. I tend to eat rubbish food, raiding the office vending machine late at night for some sugar fix. It is atrocious. What do people do (and eat) when they work late. So after few weeks of late nights I feel terribly fat and unfit (probably because I am). Ugh.

On a more positive note I am off to Tucson next week for Jen's training camp and I cannot wait. Yes I will suffer and all that (Jen. please go easy on me) but it will be great to get some good workouts in and finally meet few people in person. Yay!!! I am flying into LAX and will then drive down to San Diego to see some fun people. So so looking forward to that.

OK and finally a paragraph which is really what this title is about. I am very proud of my husband today who has been awarded Mention in Dispatches for his service in Afghanistan last year. You can read about the awards here. Mention in Dispatches is the British Armed Forces oldest gallantry in combat award awarded to those who distinguished themselves by exceptional heroism, service or achievement. I am so very proud.


Beth said...

Your husband is awesome!!!

Have a blast in Tucson! It will be so great to get away from work and just have fun and train hard! Take lots of pictures for us! :)

Steve said...

Not much of a war dude, but your husband must be brave.

Hope you feel better, and start getting some good training in. I am new to your blog, so don't know you well, but wish you the best like I do most people. :)

Angela and David said...

You should be proud! Awesome.

And I remember those late nights well. I remember when I'd have to work through family events everyone just thinking I must be really inefficient and not so smart. It wasn't until my brother also became a lawyer that they realized that maybe it really is because I'm so busy and have no control of my schedule. And I have no advice on the late night eating. I was TERRIBLE about it. Of the crap I used to eat. So horrible.

m said...

You should be very proud of your husband :)

I don't have to work late much anymore, but sometimes my training keeps me away from home from very early until after 8:30 pm. So I plan ahead very carefully and bring snacks and meals that are healthy and that I enjoy. Maybe you could keep a stash of healthy food at the office in case you stay late?

Have a great time in Tuscon!

Kim said...

A big congrats to your hubby! I saw the pics from your trip and it looked like you had so much fun! Gotta stay on that healthy eating chica! Hope you are doing well!!

JV said...

So fun to meet you at camp! I hope you have a great season. Keep swimming :) I am forcing myself to the pool!