Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello!!! Anybody there?

I really don't know where does the time go. I feel like I blogged yesterday and not last month.....must...be.....better. Work has picked up again and things are busy at the office. Which of course makes me angry because I missed some workouts. But I try to reassess every day and stick to as many workouts as I can do. Right now running is my priority. London marathon is less than four weeks away and I can't wait. I am terrified, not of the race, but that something will go wrong in the run up to the race, like injury etc. Things have been going quite well with training and so everyone please keep their fingers crossed. I have been slacking on the nutrition side though. I was so good the first couple of months with eating healthily but now I seemed to have relaxed a bit. This, it seems, correlates to how busy I am at work. It is like comfort eating. Really must stop with that. Please share some tricks (and treats) you do (and eat) to stay on healthy eating path. The clocks have finally changed over here in Europe and the evenings are wonderful. The weather has been glorious. But the mornings are still very cold. On Sunday, my plan called for a 3 hour ride. Shaun was running a half-marathon in Fleet in Hampshire which is very popular with military. I think it's the military half-marathon championship.
So I decided to get up early and ride there just in time for race start. Of course, the clocks changed the night before which meant that the mornings are now a little darker. But I set off around 6:30 and it was FREEZING. Wonderful but very cold. An hour in and I wanted to knock on someone's door to ask for some warm gloves. But I didn't and it got warmer. There was no traffic almost at all and ride through Richmond park was amazing. There was mist everywhere and lots of deer and birds. Beautiful. I mapped my ride the night before and I knew the first half of it quite well but the second half was unknown. It ended up being very cool ride. It would have all been perfect had my bike not decided to fail me. 7-8 miles from the end at a set of traffic lights my chain jammed. I nearly fell over but managed to stay upright. However I hit my calf against the chain and also the front side of my leg against something (not sure what it is but part of my right leg is now very lumpy and blue). I took this photo just after it.
I don't think it look too bad there but it is now very blue. Luckily, it doesn't hurt much and I think it is superficial. Yay!!!! But I guess it is a reminder to be very careful especially now that the first A race of the season is just around the corner.


Steve said...

Don't fall off your bike. :) Congrats to Shaun (your husband right)?? I saw his time. That is fast.

Stay healthy, and you don't want to know my tricks for eating healthy. I do as I please. :)

Caroline said...

Fingers and toes crossed that injuries stay at bay for the next 4 weeks! Can't wait to hear how your marathon goes! You are going to be SORELY missed this week in Tucson. Giant sad face all around. Anything chocolate is my weakness - my trick: don't keep it in the house. I also reward a long weekend of training with a big bowl of frozen yogurt on Sunday nights (ummm, and sometimes other nights of the week as well...)

Lisa T said...

I agree with Caroline- I keep the treats out of the house. Packing a lot of snacks for work helps too because if I'm too hungry when I get home I'll eat everything!

Jennifer Harrison said...

PR time in London, Angelina. Nothing to worry about! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Good luck! WE missed you for sure in Tucson!!
And it has to warm up eventually, doesnt it!!! ???