Friday, 15 June 2012

Changes, changes..

Well hello!!!!

I know, bad at blogging....AGAIN. I know I should really stop mentioning it even. Anyway..... Maybe a bullet point blog post is in order....

Not much has been happening lately. After London marathon I decided to take a break from the sport. I had a look at my life and realised that I was trying to do too many things at the same time. And I ended up being too stressed and just plain tired. I knew I needed to make priorities and make some changes. And I did. And once I actually decided to do that I felt as if the weight was lifted off my shoulders. So I have decided to take the rest of the year off from triathlon. In the beginning that decision felt easy - Shaun and I finally had time to do all the fun stuff we wanted to do for a while but never had time - like hiking up some mountains and walking along Welsh coastal paths. We were loving it. However, as the time moved on, more recently, I am really missing it. I am dying to do some structured training and racing but I know I need to be patient. There will be plenty of time for that. I do miss the structure and routine of my training life though. But I have made a decision and am sticking with it. Another six months off and I should enjoy it. Come January 1st 2013 it will be back to work.

In other news, Shaun has been away for the past 3 weeks. He was due to be back in the UK tomorrow but then I got a call last night saying that he is not back until Monday morning. Urgh!!!!! Plus, his next assignment, from the summer 2013, is most likely to be in Brunei which we are really looking forward to. It was the first place where we lived as a newly-married (and oh so young) couple all those years ago and we loved it. This of course means that there will be some changes in terms of my work but I am not deciding or taking any action just yet - past has proved that these things in the army change all the time so nothing is ever 100% certain. But if we do end up going there, it will be soo good to be closer to my sister and niece (who live in New Zealand) and see them more often. And of course to race in some new places :)))

I am so excited about all the sport this summer - CAN'T WAIT!!! Wimbledon is just around the corner. Then Tour de France, and then finally....THE OLYMPICS!!!! London is already buzzing and I can't wait.

I am moving flats in London !! From the end of next week I will be saying bye-bye to Fulham. I love Fulham and have lived there on and off for year. But I am really excited to be moving to Holland Park. I love my new place and I absolutely LOVE the location - Hyde Park is literally less than a mile away.
Ok, that seems to be all I wanted to write about this time. Oh and the fact that we have been having some really rubbish weather. Where is the summer????

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Steve said...

With all the great Sports going on you won't have time to train!! :)

I hope England wins today, and you both have a GREAT summer, and all your changes go smoothly!! :)

Have a good one ADC!! :)