Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Hawaii here we come

Well it has been a while since my last blog entry and I have pretty much spent that whole time being ill. There is some virus going around London and a lot of my colleagues are off sick. I am glad that I only had to miss one day of work but unfortunately I had to miss at least two weeks of training. After a lot of thinking and discussing it with the coach the decision has been made - Honolulu marathon is off.
I haven't really done any of my long runs and I do not want to go out there and not enjoy this run. In addition Shaun has been slightly injured and he is being all grown up about it and was the first to decide not to run it. Instead we are going on holiday. Wooohoooo!!!!
I think it will be the first holiday in quite some time that does not involve some sort of racing or serious training so it is all new to us. It is like we are kind of lost and not really sure what to do. No biking? We definitely plan to do some swimming and running but the idea is to have fun. Also my coach said that my priority should be working on my suntan. Is he great or what!?
So I am flying over to NYC on Thursday night and then we have a direct flight on Friday from NYC to Honolulu. The plan, for the time being (but everything is subject to change here) is that we shall spend the whole time on Oahu and have fun, fun, fun. I can't wait. All my friends are so jealous especially considering how cold it has been in London lately. And I will be in my bikini by the end of the week. Oh I am excited already.
But in the meantime I have couple of days here in London being miserable. I am meeting a friend of mine tonight for a dinner and I am quite looking forward to it. We used to work together until she decided to quit last year - had enough of being a lawyer. Clever girl. I am sure I will be sitting there all envious at how she is not doing much and has all that free time. Anyway, i won't think about that right now. I am going to Hawaii!!!!!


D said...

Have soooo much fun! I miss Hawaii so much :( I have to say, being in Kona and not racing was hard... but it was also sooooo great haha!


Maggs said...

Welcome to wintertime in Hawaii. Well, it's not normally this bad...for so long. Hopefully it will clear some for tomorrow and then more for your post marathon time. Good luck tomorrow!

rr said...

Sorry the weather's been such crap for you! It's not always like this, I swear.

Good call on the marathon. It was icky out there!