Wednesday, 23 September 2009

All work no play

Life has been a bit hectic recently and not in a good way. I have been really busy at work recently and felt pretty exhausted for most of the time. Last weekend I did no training - just work, work, work!!! Ugh!!!!

So having missed few big training weekends I felt a total lack of confidence as far as racing Silverman is concerned and today I have made the decision - No Silverman for me this year. It has been very very hard for me to make that decision. I LOVE that race and Shaun and I have great memories from last year's race. But I owed it to myself to have a bit of talking to myself and assessing the situation and the decision has been made. That course is just too difficult and too hilly to be able to do it with no decent training done. And I feel like I haven't been training consistently and so I am not ready. I really thought that when I actually make a decision I would feel much better about it but I don't. I guess it will take few days to sink in. :(((

Anyway, the decision has been made and life goes on. On a more positive side I am off to Club La Santa in Lanzarote in couple of weeks time. Club La Santa is one of the most popular sport resorts in Europe so it should be really good fun. There is a few of us going from the local triathlon club but I am the only "girl" so riding with the boys will be hmmm, interesting.

Oh and before I forget I am running a half-marathon this weekend so wish me good luck. I will need it.


Kim said...

Oh geezzz.. In a way I am sorry to hear it but in a way I think you're doing the right thing. We usually know when we are ready and have done what we need to, if not, then it may just leave you feeling worse! So, you're in a good spot, go enjoy your little vaca/training and have fun!! If you need some moral support - I'm here. Oh..and email your address. I'll send you some training cds -! I really will!! THey will get you pumped!

Beth said...

Darn work!! It always gets in the way doesn't it?? :) I'm sorry to hear you are pulling out of Silverman and I totally understand your disappointment. I'm bummed for you! But even though it was really tough, you've made a good decision for the future when you will be better prepared to take that IM challenge on! Hang in there Angelina!! Your trip in a few weeks sounds amazing and will definitely cheer you up!! And BEST of luck this weekend in the half marathon! Enjoy!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Oh man - I am so sorry! But I think that you're making the right call...there is NO point in doing the race if you just haven't had the time for the training. And you know how challenging that course is....NOT for the fainthearted...I know that you're dissapointed -but you're doing what's best for YOU. Think about all the time you'll get to spend with Shaun - that's GOOD! You won't have to stress out about getting in another workout...on top of all the work. Give yourself a few days to be sad (totally normal) and then plan for some fun stuff later this year! :)

And your mini sporting vacation sounds awesome! ENJOY!!!

Thinking of you and sending hugs!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

YOU will do super this weekend, ADC....HAVE confidence! You have done all the training for the 1/2 M!!! NO worries there!!! GOOD LUCK! :)

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

Sorry you had to pull out of Silverman! But you know what? You are super smart for doing so and next time an IM rolls into your plans you will SMASH it :-D I am always SO SO proud when athletes make smart decisions! Enjoy your time in Lanzarote, you better believe I am incredibly jealous!!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Don't you hate when work gets in the way. Responsibilities suck.

Sorry about missing Silverman but it sounds like you made the right decision. Good luck this weekend!