Friday, 30 October 2009

Weekend with Dave

Shaun is away on army exercise. He's been away for two weeks and should be back home on Friday next week. The rumour was that the batallion would have a day off on Saturday and I was planning to drive down to Warminster, which is 3 hours away, to spend at least couple of hours with Shaun. I do miss him. However, the new rumour (army wives' rumour network is a powerful machine - which I hate, by the way) is that there is no day off.

So it seems that I will spend the weekend at home training. Hopefully, I will see Dave during my run along the beach. Having Shaun here would be perfect.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Shaun was running a marathon and I thought since it starts with the lap around the track I could capture some cool photos of my husband running. You will see below what a good photographer I am. Apart from the first one where he is actually standing still pre-race, the others are utter rubbish. I wonder what was I trying to do.

How about this one:

Or this one is pure classic.

Monday, 19 October 2009


My week in Club La Santa has come and gone and I had sooooo much fun. It was hilly, hot and windy and I was trying to chase and stay on the wheels of 11 men and oh, boy, did I suffer. But I had so much fun doing it. Here is just a bit of it in pictures:

The Deal Tri Team - I am the second one from the left:

This is what my view was most of the time:

And as they speed up, I get left behind

Finally on the top - and the guys are waiting :))))

The guys looked after me so well and I am so grateful. They admitted that they were a bit apprehensive about me coming along (as it always used to be "all male" camp purely because none of the ladies wanted to go) but we got along so well that I became an honorary "one of the blokes".

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


We had a lovely past weekend enjoying some time with friends and of course training.
Here is a little bit of that in pictures:

Sunday morning called for a hilly run and hilly it was. Ugh. Hills are my friends, repeat that.

After my run was done it was time to chill and support Shaun during his long run. He runs marathon in less than two weeks so that was his last long pre-race run.

Ok, that picture above is not supporting but other than that I was a great sherpa.