Tuesday, 6 October 2009


We had a lovely past weekend enjoying some time with friends and of course training.
Here is a little bit of that in pictures:

Sunday morning called for a hilly run and hilly it was. Ugh. Hills are my friends, repeat that.

After my run was done it was time to chill and support Shaun during his long run. He runs marathon in less than two weeks so that was his last long pre-race run.

Ok, that picture above is not supporting but other than that I was a great sherpa.


Beth said...

Oh those pictures are great! Do you live along the coast? (obviously right?! :) Good luck to Shaun in his marathon!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH fun pics and nice to see Shaun in the pics working hard! I was just working on his schedule for the marathon week! YAY! :)) You sound good, ADC...that is good.

Molly said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a nice time. Hills are my friends...I need to remember that!

D said...

That pic of Shaun is classic.

chr15 said...


Saw your post on Bree's blog about cheering from Europe, so I thought I'd pop by and see where in Europe you were posting from... lo and behold, you are 30 miles up the road from me! ha!

Maidstone here!

I was actually going to run the folkestone half this year, but family stuff came up.

Deal Tri is a cool club I see them at a lot of events, including our local summer evening tri series at Leybourne lakes.

Anyway... just thought I'd say Hi! :)

Kim said...

Go Shaun. Hey - being a sherpa isn't easy - give yourself some credit! Glad you had a good weekend and nice pictures!! Take care my friend! Hope you are doing well!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Lanzarote, and got some good training in. Love Shaun's face--that is how I feel after 3 hrs of running too. Which marathon is he doing?

I hope the work stuff has let up somewhat. Congrats on your half mary--on so little sleep you should be darn proud!

Charisa said...

Love the pics! Tell Shaun good luck in his marathon!!!

IAN said...

I am very jealous of this trip. This race sits squarely atop my "if I wasn't too scared I would do it" list. Awesome!