Tuesday, 28 July 2009


This is one of the pictures I've found when I googled the word "motivation" and it actually really resembles the state of my mind as far as motivation was concerned recently.

Last couple of months I have been struggling to motivate myself to train properly. I lost focus and I am yet to find out why. It's not as if I've stopped enjoying and loving the training - I still do, but something was missing. Something that is now back (YAY!!!!) but I still cannot define that "something". Perhaps it's my failure at Coeur d'Alene, I don't know. I hope one day soon I will figure out what it was so that I make sure "it" does not come back again.

But with Jen's huge help, I think I am now back on track and I am loving the training. I have re-evaluated my goals for Silverman and I think that the ones I set for myself are realistic but still require a lot of work. And I cannot wait to do the work.

The build for Silverman starts next week and I am really really looking forward to it. There are few things that I would like to stick to from 1 August and the main ones are:

1. Train consistently and push myself hard in training

2. Take care of my nutrition - I think that nutrition is one of my huge limiters as I am kind of blase about it - I really really need to pay more attention to it

3. Rest - get at least 56 hours of sleep a week - with my job and long hours sometimes I cannot get 8 hours a day of sleep but I can try to maintain 56 hours of sleep during any one week period

4. Loose weight - and that is a BIG one. I have allowed myself to eat whatever I want (and since I am vegetarian and my regular meals are good - I eat a lot of snacking crap). And Silverman is HILLY and I do not want to be dragging all that weight up the hills so from 1 August I need to be more disciplined as far as food is concerned.

So that is it. I do not want to put too many restrictions and goals because I may just end up thinking it's all too much and just go back to my old ways. But I think these four will make a huge difference in my life and training.

So few more days of easy training but come 1st August the game is ON!!!


Molly said...

Exciting! I think your plan is a good one. My IM build starts soon too - oh boy (eeek!).

jessithompson said...

I looooove this post. That's what it's all about... looking at what we're doing, setting goals, and now the hardest part. Making it happen. YOU CAN DO IT!

Beth said...

I think motivation waxes and wanes for everyone - without any reason!! But I'm glad to hear yours is back!! You're going to rock your IM training. Your focus and goals will make all the difference. FUN!!!

D said...

Ok lady. #4. You and I are getting back at it. I'm pretty sure you owe me a meal from CDA too... :P

Maggs said...

I'm right there with ya on motivation. I was not motivated for LP, so I wasn't really upset when I pulled out. But now I am. November will be a great month.

Kim said...

Those are great goals and completely attainable. Just try to do the little things and it can make a big difference. Sometimes I also find it helps to just not think to much and "just do it" like Nike says. You are back in business baby! Good luck..August 1st is almost here!

Elizabeth A. Rich said...

I hear you on the motivation, it can be hard at times expecially if you had a bad race... I have to read through your archive to find out what happened at CDA - sorry :( You and me both in the lose weight category! I rarely ever mention it on my blog or to anyone for that matter, but its a huge limiter for me and snacking throughout the day is my weakness!!! Happy training :-)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

It was GREAT chatting with you! I think that you're spot on with your goals - and that you can totally get them accomplished. The sleep and training nutrition are biggies - but I know you can make it happen! :) HOORAY for August 1st and the beginning of training!!!!! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ah, I LOVED seeing this blog post, ADC. I DO know the last month ++ have been rough, but we get thru them and the real champions take it in stride and come out on the other end FIRED UP - like you. Let the FUN begin! :))

Marco ~ Bodhi ~ said...

I like the picture.