Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Two years already

The picture above is of Devil's Tower taken during our recent road trip.

Two years ago Shaun has just returned from his deployment in Afghanistan and five days later we were on an airplane bound for Washington DC in order to start our two year adventure at West Point. I remember how excited we were and really looking forward to it. But I can't believe that it has been two years and it is now time to return home to our little island. We had amazing time in the US, met some great people and had fun all around.

Before that flight two years ago, I've never been to the US. Somehow nothing ever attracted me to it and I didn't really have any wishes to go for a visit. We always chose to travel east - to Asia and the Middle East and we both love Asia. So US was never really on any of our travel plans. Until two years ago when Shaun got posted to West Point. In these two years I absolutely fell in love with the country and have met some great people who will remain dear, dear friends. I am already missing my trips across the pond and our regular little breaks to different parts of the country. And we are already looking for an excuse to come for a visit.

Although I am already back in the UK, Shaun is over at West Point until the end of the month doing the hand-over of his job. The packers came yesterday and our belongings were packed and left the house. Hopefully we will see them in 4-5 weeks time. Apparently we had twice as much stuff than when we came. Oooops.

So although I am a little sad that our adventure has come to an end, I am positive that we will be back at least 2-3 times a year - there is so much of that country left to explore. And I truly hope that we will stay in touch with all the great people we've met.


Maggs said...

So glad Shaun will be back with you soon...full time.

jessithompson said...

Wow... what an adventure!

D said...

ONE adventure is over. You're starting another!

Molly said...

How exciting for you both!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Well, I'm already getting excited to see you guys at Silverman! :)

That's a bit familiar...having 2X as much stuff...makes it 'interesting' for the packers. hee hee hee - safe travels to your stuff!

Beth said...

Well if you'd ever like to visit Pittsburgh you always have a place to stay! :) Glad that you and Shaun will be home together again now. Have fun unpacking! :)

Charisa said...

2x as much stuff :)

Glad Shaun will be back with you soon. I think you guys did an awesome job of making it all work out.

And now you have more friends in the US and can always come visit!